Friday, July 29, 2011

As If I Needed Another Reason To Root For A Government Shutdown...

....listening to these whiny bitches - aka federal employees - complain about how tough their lives are and how unfair the current political environment ("the return of common sense") is to them, makes me pray for an extended government shutdown, just to learn these pampered fops a lesson they so strongly deserve.

The Washington Post airs their grievances, as they respond to the following query" "As a federal employee, describe how you feel about the possibility of a default.".  And that's where the fun starts:

“Irritated. They don’t do their jobs, and we pay the consequences.” — Environmental Protection Agency, Minnesota
(and when you do your job, we pay - literally - the consequences.  Sounds fair....)

“I report to work at 4:30 a.m., work 8.5 hours per day, including weekends and holidays. My net pay is about $45,000 per year. However, I believe I will be a scapegoat for the politicians who need to prove that they are controlling expenses.” — Transportation Security Administration, New York
(boo-hoo.  $45K net is at least $60-$65K before taxes.  And considering your health benefits and pension, it's like worth closer to $80K.  Sell it to Hallmark, sis...)

“I am tired of the partisanship. The president has been the ‘adult’ in this, and the Republicans are acting like petulant children determined to have their way.” — Interior, Atlanta
(And what does that make you, oh ye of of a make-work job?  "Interior", indeed...!)

After the Post goes on to ell us that most of it's respondents blamed the Republicans for the current mess (shocker, who's gonna blame sugar daddy?), they asked our esteemed Federal employees "What information do you need/want to know from your agency?"

“Something, anything; the silence is ridiculous and very disconcerting.” — Agriculture Department, California
(Ever work at a real job, Miss Ag Dept, where layoffs where imminent?  No one tells you sh*t until the pink slips start flurrying...)

“Just the basics: Will this affect our budget? Will people lose their jobs? If the answer to the last question is yes, then how will the remaining people fulfill the agency’s mandates? National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the District
(Oh, my - how will the nation survive without NOAA? Well, as long as the Weather Channel stays on the air....)

“I gave over 30 years of my life to keep this country strong. Now I would like to know who in [Congress and the White House] is going to pay my bills when the government defaults.” — Defense Department, retired, Arizona
(A question that has been asked by every employee who has worked 30 years for a company, and been unceremoniously let go.  What the f*ck makes you so special, and why do you deserve more of my money?)

You know, if these folks were smart, maybe they would keep their mouths shut, and just let the media make the case for them, as it inevitably will, portraying them as victims of hate crimes perpetrated on Republicans that wish to starve our poor, innocent, "public servants."
But if they were smart....they'd probably have other jobs...


Anonymous said...

From the comments in the Washington Post article you link to, I thought this was most enlightening:

When people work for bankrupt companies they have three options:
(1) quit
(2) wait and get fired
(3) try to ride out the storm, work your tail off to save the sinking ship and hope for a turn around
Federal employees have the same options the rest of us have.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the nation would not do very well without NOAA since this is the agency that operates the satellites and radar installations that organizations such as the Weather Channel uses as their Data Source.