Sunday, July 03, 2011

Thaddeus McCotter: Five Principles

With his official announcement yesterday, the deadpan Congressman from Michigan has thrown his hat into the Republican presidential primary.  Despite the dry wit, he is yet another serious candidate, and as the field widens (as it should, despite the media's desire to see the winnowing process begin as soon as possible, for their convenience), there will soon be less of a sense of disenchantment among Republican voters and more of the kid-in-a-candy-store vibe.  Especially if Rick Perry enters the race...

On McCotter's website, he lists Five Core Principles from which he will govern:

1. Our liberty is from God, not the government
2. Our sovereignty is in our souls, not the soil
3. Our security is from strength, not surrender
4. Our prosperity is from the private sector, not the public sector
5. Our truths are self-evident, not relative

Click on any of them at the site, and McCotter goes into great detail on how the principle will guide the policies of  his administration. 

I love it.  Governing action  - shoot, the action of one's day-to-day life -  must start from a core philosophy that can act as a touchstone regardless of the issue being faced.  Men (and women) without core beliefs tend to be fickle, prone to error, misjudgement, and poor overall decision making.  See Obama, Barack Hussein as a clear example of the prototype...

Thaddeus McCotter is a unique individual with a lot to contribute to the national conversation.  And Obama and the Democratic machine did not game-plan for him, and have no smear strategy at the ready.  This has the potential to get very, very interesting...

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Thad McCotter also has one thing almost every politician I've ever seen doesn't-- INTEGRITY.

He is not my congressman, but I wrote to him once and got a handwritten response back...
The bottom line? HE GIVES A DAMN.

McCotter 2012.