Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rupert Murdoch Assaulted in Parliment

This is where liberal hatred takes us, to a place where an 80 year old man is assaulted in Parliament, one of the first foundations of democracy.

Via twitter feeds, I see things like:

Someone appears to launch themselves at R Murdoch, police run in, R Murdoch's wife appears to jump in to try to protect him.

Rupert #Murdoch 'hit in face with plate covered in shaving foam' by audience member at #hacking hearing

Chris Bryant, MP, says plastic plate with shaving foam on it: "Despicable". "No way to treat any witness, let along someone who's 80."

I hear, around the building, that the pie-man has been held in contempt of parliament and arrested. Unconfirmed.

OK, here's video:

That's his wife delivering the bitch-slap to the perp, by the way...

 Funny - the standard, if whispered excuse amongst the MSM for not always reporting the races and religions of folks involved in suspected terrorists attacks is that they fear public retribution against Muslims.

But it turns out that the only segment of society that imbibes propaganda to such an extent that they feel compelled to attack an octogenarian are liberals.

Fed on lies and hatred, their morality twisted beyond comprehension, they lash out at great men. And the media covers for them by continually accusing the Tea Party of violence, but turning a blind eye to the terror being wreaked by the Left, whether in Wisconsin, Greece, and now England.

No wonder Obama is working so feverishly to disarm the American people...

Update:  Glenn Reynolds:

Amazing that he’s the target of such hatred that he can’t be protected even at the center of government. It’ll be interesting to find out how the attacker got access....

From a reader: “I wonder if Obama, MediaMatters, Jon Stewart, indeed the rest of the media at large, will accept personal responsibility for creating a ‘culture of hate’ that led to this attack the way they demanded Palin do after the Giffords incident.”

Yeah, right. When to liberals hold themselves accountable for anything?

UPDATE II:  Rupert has decided to continue to testify after the assault.  More balls than your common street thug-liberal, who would already be in a barrister's office preparing a lawsuit...

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