Friday, July 08, 2011

9.2% Unemployment? "...Much Worse Than Expected"

...that's the headline from CNN breaking news:

U.S. economy added only 18,000 jobs in June, much worse than expected. Jobless rate up to 9.2%.

Prediction:  This will have zero effect on Obama's (and the media's) demand  for higher taxes and increased spending as part of any debt-limit ceiling.  They will, in fact, ramp up the rhetoric, saying that only more of the same economic poison can save us from the disaster it has brought us.

The Republicans better be on the offensive in 15 minutes, pointing the finger where it should be:  At Obama and his radical policies. And the next liberal offensive against the economy, about to be launched by Lisa Jackson, must be stopped:

The coal industry is crying foul over new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations which they say will be among the most be costly rules ever imposed by the agency on coal-fueled power plants.

The result, industry insiders say: substantially higher electricity rates and massive job loss.

“The EPA is ignoring the cumulative economic damage new regulations will cause,” said Steve Miller, president and CEO of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE). ...our industry needs adequate time to install clean coal technologies to comply with new regulations. Unfortunately, EPA doesn’t seem to care.”

Thursday the EPA announced that they have finalized additional Clean Air Act provisions, collectively known as “The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule”....

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Joaquin said...

9.2%................MY ASS!
It's higher than that.