Friday, July 22, 2011

More than half of June's jobs created in...Wisconsin?

How odd. It's not like anything special has been going on there. Oh, right - except for the first battle of the Second American Civil War, this one not between men of differing colors, but between unionized government workers and the citizens they wish to enslave.

Walker and the Democrats won the opening skirmishes, by greatly reducing union influence over the budgeting process; the people of Wisconsin supported him by re-electing Judge Prosser despite a vicious, heavily financed, left-wing hate campaign against him.

And what were the results?

While Nation Sputters on Jobs, Wisconsin Economy Begins to Hum

Earlier this month, analysts were dismayed by the nation’s anemic job creation numbers. On Thursday, state officials were pleased as they released data that showed more than half of the net new jobs added in the US in June came from Wisconsin.

“We have made difficult decisions in our state, but they are beginning to payoff,” said Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R)....we must help lead the nation to recovery.”

Using seasonally adjusted data, the 12,900 private-sector jobs created in June marks the largest one-month gain in Wisconsin since September 2003. The state’s net new job gain for June is 9,500 jobs, more than half of the nation’s net gain of 18,000 jobs for the same month

“Wisconsin has added 39,300 private-sector jobs since Governor Walker declared Wisconsin open for business,” Department of Workforce Development Secretary Scott Baumbach said....

 State officials note that in the first six months of 2011, Wisconsin’s total private sector job growth of 1.7% has been almost twice the national rate of 0.9%; and in the manufacturing sector job growth has been more than twice the national rate, 3.2% compared to 1.2%.

Wisconsin total nonfarm job growth (1.4%) has been more that twice the national rate (0.6%)...

Of course, we should probably give some credit to the Wisconsin Democrats here.  By fleeing the state to try to prevent a vote they didn't want to lose, they made it easier for the Republicans to win.  And really - why does it seem like every time Democrats and their unionized, race-baiting cronies are forced to pack up and leave, things all of a sudden get better?  And quite rapidly, to boot?

Another hill for Barack Obama to climb in his re-election fantasy.  You can only fight facts with mud for so long; and his window will be more limited than most.

 Remember, Obama was personally invested in the Wisconsin union's side here, calling Walker's reforms an "assault on unions", with his fighting words helping to inspire some of the more extreme ugliness were saw amongst the left-wing protesters there.  But if an assault on unions can help turn the economy around in a matter of months, why isn't he fighting that battle on the nation's behalf right now?

Ha-ha, that's a joke.  But the laughs will be on him come 2012, when states like Texas, Wisconsin, South Carolina, and hopefully New Jersey are leading the way with Republican governors and real reform, and all Obama is left with is to beg for more time to prove his socialist agenda can accomplish the same thing.

Good luck, Mr. President.

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