Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The 7th Night of Hanukkah Honey Brings Us...Freckles of Fire!

They don't call it the Promised Land for nothing, folks....out of Tel Aviv, the 25 year old Amit Freidman is a hot slice of Hanukkah Honey, a beautiful Israeli model with freckles of fire (and who knew there were so many website devoted to this particular, ah...taste in women?) and legs longer than a rabbi's memory.

Amit's freckles are not the only thing golden about her, as she is best known in Israel for her work with Ami's Angels,a NGO non- profit public charity organization, dedicated to improving the lives of people with severe disabilities using the power of technology.

And she knows how to have fun, too:

She also loves surfing. In fact, the first thing she does every morning is to check the weather and the surf condition online. If she finds that the waves are good, she immediately makes her way to Tel-Aviv beach which is 10 minutes away from where she is living.


Well, before we melt all of our candle wax prematurely, let's take a look at Amit Friedman, our penultimate Hanukkah Honey:

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Anonymous said...

Hottest night of Hanukkah so far!