Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hanukkah Honeys - The First Night

Sure, we Jews are known more for our brains than our brawn, and more for marrying sensible wives than possessing sensual girlfriends.

BUT - the truth is that a bevy of beautiful Jewish women will be lighting the menorah for the next eight nights, and opening presents while the dreidel spins, the flames flicker, and the wax slowly drips down the...

Anyway - as my present to the readers of this blog, I'm going to give you a different Hanukkah honey every night for the next eight evenings, each a stunning Jewish Princess, who you may or may not have realized is celebrating the festival of lights rather than the birth of Christ.

So our first honey is....Miss Mila Kunis, star of the much-anticipated Black Swan. She talks about being Jewish:

My whole family was in the holocaust. My grandparents passed and not many survived. After the holocaust in Russia you were not allowed to be religious. So my parents raised me to know I was Jewish. You know who you are inside. You don't need to tell the whole world. You believe what you believe and that's what's important. And that's how I was raised. My family was like 'you are Jewish in your blood'. We can celebrate Yom Kippur and Hannukah but not by the book. We do it to our own extent. Because being in Russia...Bar Mitzvahs weren't held. When I was in school you would still see anti-Semitic signs. One of my friends who grew up in Russia, she was in second grade. And she came home one day crying. Her mother asked why she was crying and she said on the back of her seat there was a swastika. Now this is a country that obviously does not want you. So my parents raised me Jewish as much as they could and came to America. I love my religion. I think it's a beautiful religion...

And you too are beautiful, Mila. Few can hold a candle to you:

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