Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is Michelle Obama Complicit In Creating The "Obesity Epidemic"?

Susananne Miller over at Hot Air makes a compelling case that we're about to see a new "cycle" in a world of famous "cycles" - cycles of poverty, cycles of violence, cycles of abuse - that we'll call the "cycle of obesity".

Both to be caused by, and healed by, the Obama clan:

With the destructive Keynesian economic policies President Obama and the Democrats have forced upon the country, in addition to rising household costs, high unemployment, and a bleak unknown economic outlook for 2011, many families will have no option but to eat poor-quality foods, rather than high-quality, vitamin-rich, nutritious foods. Ultimately, this will lead to an increase in obesity, poorer health, and higher health care costs. Additionally, how are parents going to teach their children about healthy food choices if they cannot afford to buy them... Now parents become failures, which creates a perfect storm for the government to step in and “help.”

How will the "cycle of obesity" be brought to a halt? Well, the government can turn it into a "war" - like the ones on drugs, and poverty - and wind up with a whole lot of parental units jailed for failure to obey the diktats of the Nutritional Nazis. Or the government can just get the f*ck out of our kitchens, and just pray we survive, somehow.

Like we have for the last 234 years, without government-ordered menus...

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