Friday, December 03, 2010

Gina Gershon: This Hanukkah Hottie Is Smokin'!

I - like many other red-blooded American men - have been in love with Gina Gershon since her roll as Corky in "Bound", although she's been on the big screen as far back as "Pretty in Pink", and made good use of her Jewishness in "Curb Your Enthusiasm", season 4, episode 9, when Larry meets a Hasidic dry cleaner played by Gina Gershon.

But one of the best things about Gina is that she defies Jewish stereotypes with her tattoos, her desire to play hard rock in bars as opposed to Chopin at Carnegie, and her overall devil-may-care persona. We're not all bookworms, lawyers, and nebbishes. Some of us are just plain nuts.

Like Gina. So we'll light the third candle of Hanukkah in your honor - may your rebellious Jewish flame burn as bright as a holiday menorah...

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