Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Does Jersey Pervert Everyone Who Touches It??

Well, even if these alleged foot-fetish videos were filmed before Michelle Ryan and her husband, Rex Ryan -who coaches some local football team - came to town, of course it doesn't come out until they're firmly ensconced in New Jersey.

Via J

One of the four videos on the sports gossip site show the woman and an off-screen cameraman who sounds like Ryan having intimate discussions about her feet.

The petite blonde showing off her toes in the videos bears an uncanny resemblance to Michelle Ryan, the coach's wife of 23 years.

Deadspin reported that the woman featured in the videos goes by the Internet handle "Ihaveprettyfeet" and has more than looks in common with the coach's wife.

Like Michelle Ryan, the 47-year-old woman is a housewife with a master's degree, a Virgo and once lived in Ellicott City, Md., which is where the Ryans lived before they moved to New York, Deadspin said.

Reached for comment, a Jets spokesman said only: "This is a personal matter and Rex will have no comment."

In one clip, the woman is sitting in a green SUV with her bare feet hanging out the window when she is approached by the sound-alike Rex Ryan.

"You have really beautiful feet," the unseen cameraman tells the woman.

Judge for yourself, video is
here. Four more here.

And there is, that guy in the video sure sounds like Rex:

We've got Tony Soprano, Snooki and the Situation, The Turnpike, enough corruption to choke a horse, and now this - a playoff team whose coach and wife dabble in home-made festish videos.

I swear, New Jersey is like the biblical Job of the United States - just how much more can we possibly take before we forsake the good Lord himself?

Meanwhile, I can't wait to watch this Sunday's game, as no doubt Ryan will be taunted by the bare tootsies of Chicago Bear fans all game long...sigh....

UPDATE: Let's go to Jules Winnfield & Vincent Vega, who appear to be the experts in this area:

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