Thursday, December 02, 2010

Steve King (R-IA) Delivers An Inconvienent Truth To Congress

Representative King stood up to all the race-hustlers and grievance-whores on the Democratic side of the aisle, as he assailed the passage of legislation appropriating $1.15 billion to fund the controversial, and fraud-plagued, "Pigford settlement program", which pays reparations to black farmers for some unspecified slight against them by the government. Problem is, of course, while the bill's writers claim there are 18,000 legitimate recipients, almost 100,000 have lined up for a handout. No matter, the Democrats seem to claim, we can raise taxes until every last hustler is paid in full.

Mr. King disagrees, and explains why the debts of the Civil War have long since been paid in full - via R.S. McCain:

“We’ve got to stand up at some point and say, ‘We are not going to pay slavery reparations in the United States Congress.’ That war’s been fought. That was over a century ago. That debt was paid for in blood, and it was paid for in the blood of a lot of Yankees, especially. And there’s no reparations for the blood that paid for the sin of slavery. No one’s filing that claim.”

Back in 2008, the state of New Jersey "apologized" for slavery. Me - I feel that perhaps rather than apologize, perhaps someone should be thanking us instead.

Why? Here's why:

2,578 New Jersey soldiers were killed in combat during the Civil War.
2,415 New Jersey soldiers died of disease while serving during the Civil War.
419 New Jersey Soldiers died in prisoner of war camps during the Civil War.

In addition, the hard service of combat and the mind-wrenching horrors of battle also saw 67,500 New Jereyans....

As Rep. King said, any debt has already been paid in blood. The Pigford settlement is just extortion of the descendants of the liberators of the slaves by the professional race-baiters in the Democratic party, and is unworthy of America's blacks, who have more pride than that.

King spoke well. Expect him to get flogged for it...

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