Monday, December 06, 2010

If You Wondered If WikiLeaks and Assange Are Enemies of America... needs to look no further than a few stories that have broken overnight to see proof of the sheer malice of Julian Assange's organization towards the United States.

From the New York Post:

WikiLeaks yesterday published a secret State Department cable that lists hundreds of overseas factories and infrastructure sites vital to the United States -- a revelation that security experts called a gift to terrorists.

Specific pipeline, mine, undersea-cable and factory locations are spelled out in the February 2009 "critical foreign dependencies" memo signed by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It says that if any of the sites were to be "destroyed, disrupted or exploited," there would be "an immediate and deleterious effect on the United States."

....Meanwhile, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has threatened that if his activities are curtailed, he has another dirty trick up his sleeve.

He said he would release passwords necessary to access already circulated but encrypted files that contain a slew of unredacted and uncensored documents embarrassing to governments and corporations, The Sunday Times of London said.

Assange described the documents -- which include, among other things, information on the Guantanamo Bay prison and BP Oil -- as his "insurance" against arrest or cyber shutdown.

Releasing vital strategic points in America's infrastructure, while threatening to reveal more if anyone gets in his way, is extortion. When the national security of an entire nation is the object of said extortion, the crime is called terrorism. Just an FYI...

And like al-Qaeda, WikiLeaks taunts the United States with evidence of their so-called "failures":

Not content with just harming American diplomatic efforts through its massive leak of diplomatic cables, WikiLeaks is now actively taunting the United States.

“Sarah Palin says Julian [Assange] should be hunted down like Osama bin Laden–so he should be safe for at least a decade,” tweeted WikiLeaks on Sunday night, rubbing in the fact that over 9 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks the United States has been unable to capture or kill al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

And here's the "third strike" against WikiLeaks, if you needed any additional evidence of their hostility towards America - they are actively colluding with "major news organizations" in the timing and subject matter of their document dumps:

"According to the AP (through Google News), WikiLeaks isn't just sitting on the recent material so they can release it bit by bit to the press, as many people implied. On the contrary, it's quite the other way around: 'only after considering advice from five news organizations with which it chose to share all of the material' are they releasing it themselves. These newspapers 'have been advising WikiLeaks on which documents to release publicly and what redactions to make to those documents.'

AP questions whether WikiLeaks will follow these redactions, but nevertheless seems quite impressed by this 'extraordinary collaboration between some of the world's most respected media outlets and the WikiLeaks organization.'

Extraordinary, indeed. There used to be a time when the media reminded us that "Loose lips sink ships". Now they actively cooperate with our nation's enemies, and fall over each other in a race to provide this damaging information to those who would use it with ill intent.

And while I am slowly coming around to the argument (that I first resisted) that there should be a Predator missile with Assange's name on it, I am not yet wholly convinced. While the WikiLeaks information dumps have no doubt done damage to our national security, they have also exposed to America, and the world, the folly of Obama, the lies of liberalism, the malice of our adversaries, and the incompetence of the current political class, all beyond any repudiation.

Perhaps Julian Assange - like many who do evil - wind up serving The Good in way they never could have expected...

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Fact: Secrets are hard to keep. Cork out of the bottle. post-it-all 1-to:world. Problem ? Just as much the printed book once was. Main question: what’s next: E-Power to the people. Technology is a thread, it always was.. it always was unstoppable