Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Obama Using Religious Rhetoric To Bolster Support For Socialism

Ah, I can almost see it....a perpetually frustrated Obama, surrounded by sycophants (aka "advisers"), wanting to know why the American people refuse to give him the adulation and support he so richly deserves for the myriad of government-created, taxpayer-funded social programs his administration has bestowed upon them.

Yes, he knows they're stupid - shoot, the New York Times tells him that every day - but what does he have to do to get through to them?

Talk to them in their own language? a tepid admirer suggests - if you can't shoot it out with a rifle in Morse Code, maybe you can find the right words in the Bible. Then you can tell them their God commands them to admire you and support your agenda!

Which brings us to:

President Obama’s trip to church Sunday followed a steady rebirth over the past three months in public expressions of his Christianity.

Obama has publicly mentioned his “Christian faith” more times in the past three months than he has over the past year. He has more frequently cited passages of the Bible, including repeated references to the spirit of Genesis 4:9 — “I am my brother’s keeper; I am my sister’s keeper” — which was a mainstay of Obama’s 2010 campaign stump speech. And he’s taken his family to church twice, a shift for a president who has preferred to worship privately since the end of the 2008 campaign.

Obama has used the reference, which was a regular feature of his on the 2008 campaign trail, in two dozen speeches since September. Before then, he’d used it just four times as president. References to his “Christian faith” also have appeared more times in Obama’s speeches since September than they did before.

There we go. You call yourself a religious man? God says you are your brother's keeper, so fork over your dough, give up your space on line to someone less worthy, and expect a two week wait for a doctor's appointment. Don't like it? Well (insert sneer here), I guess you're just not that religious after all, are you? Actually - you are not even as religious as I, Barack Obama! Sorry, sir (or ma'am) - better luck in the next world...

Nice ploy. But folks don't like to be lectured by others on how to best put their faith into practice. One might see it as...elitist, condescending, and hypocritical. Especially when one takes quite a huge book of religion and philosophy and pulls from it only the ten words - which are then repeated ad naseum - that can be twisted to support their own personal crusade. One might say...that's not very Christian.

Expect this "outreach" to fail, much like every other contrived setup Obama's coterie comes up with to make him seem like a regular guy. But don't worry, though - no matter what, it' not Obama's fault,
it's ours - at least according to this BU poli-sci professor:

One of the good things about him and one of the things I think is a problem for him politically is that he’s so intellectual,” Longman said of Obama. “And I think that at some level his approach to religion is as well.”

We just don't get him, and all he does for what point will Obama's supporters stop telling him to quote Jesus, and claim he has supplanted Him as "The Real Deal"?

Taking bets on that...I say the 2012 Democratic convention...

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