Monday, December 06, 2010

Hanukkah Honeys: Is The 6th Candle Too Hot To Handle?

Well, our last few nights of "Hanukkah Honeys" have featured the Jewish girl played against type: the "bad" girl. Sure, they rock out, kiss other girls, and pilfer a few items from the local department store, but that's about as far out as a Hanukkah Honey will get, right?

Well, ah...hmmm....let me introduce you to the sixth Hanukkah Honey, Miss Kendra Jade (Rossi). Kendra has made some 45 films, all of the adult variety. She bolted "the business" in 2001, and began touring throughout the country as the featured burlesque performer in gentleman's clubs. Kenda has appeared in music videos, radio (most famously on Howard Stern), print, and television (to be cured of her "sex addiction" by Dr. Drew Pinsky).

Kendra, earlier engaged to a nice Jewish boy, went off and married Canadian rocker Luke Rossi. A loss for every Jewish guy who wanted to bring her home and present their mother with the ultimate conundrum: A son staying within the faith, but not with the kind of girl you'd necessarily want to introduce to the rabbi. Oh, what to do, what to do...

Well, we'd know what we're going to do: Watch the sixth candle burn all the way down....

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