Wednesday, December 22, 2010

START: Obama's Surrender To Russia?

Well. losing the Cold War was likely always a dream to young Barack...but now that he's president, how can he right that historical wrong? Why, by signing a treaty that essentially wipes out our military superiority over Russia! This way, the next time - which looks to be drawing closer and closer - the United States will not have the "unfair advantage" granted to the stronger, smarter, savvier nation...

Take a look at some of the
national security giveaways Barack Obama is fighting for:

-legally binding language on missile defense deployments limiting only the United States and not Russia

-delivery vehicle limitations requiring unilateral reductions of the United States
failing to address at all Russia's 10-to-1 advantage in tactical nuclear weapons,
presumably because Russia did not want to talk about that

-a telemetry regime protecting Russia's ability to develop new missiles without sharing any information about them with us

-a verification regime that negotiated away our monitoring presence at the Votkinsk missile facility

-Russia is not prevented from deploying large numbers of land-based MIRVs, which have been described as the most destabilizing nuclear weapon system, and where the United States has announced it will de-MIRV its ICBMs. START II banned land-based MIRVs, but its progeny puts them right back in the Russian arsenal.

So desperate was Obama to get a treaty, that he "negotiated" away everything. But hey - he gets to fulfill his sophomoric dream of nuclear arms reductions (by the United States, at least). What do we get, besides an empowered, increasingly aggressive strategic adversary? The opportunity to bask in the glow of Obama's success, I suppose....and something else to worry about.

Merry Christmas.

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