Thursday, December 02, 2010

WikiLeaks: Germans Pushed Obama To Adopt "Hard Line" With Israel

The American president, taking orders from the Germans on how to deal with the Jews. Well, that's change, all right:

A senior adviser to German chancellor Angela Merkel urged the U.S. to water down its opposition to the U.N.’s anti-Israel “Goldstone Report” in order to force Israel to freeze settlement construction, according to a cable from the U.S. embassy in Berlin published by WikiLeaks.

The dispatch from Merkel’s point man on the Middle East, Christoph Heusgen, ought to raise giant question marks over Merkel’s oft-repeated declarations to the U.S. Congress and the Israeli Knesset that the Jewish state’s security is “non-negotiable” for Germany.

The embassy said in the November 2009 cable: “[National Security Adviser Christoph] Heusgen said that Germany ‘perceives this differently’ and thought Netanyahu needed ‘to do more’ in order to bring the Palestinians to the negotiating table. With Palestinians in East Jerusalem getting notices from Israeli authorities that their houses will be destroyed, it would be ‘suicide’ for President Abbas to move under the current circumstances.

“Heusgen said he could not fathom why Netanyahu did not understand this. He suggested pressuring Netanyahu by linking favorable UNSC [Security Council] treatment of the Goldstone Report to Israel committing to a complete stop in settlement activity.”

So Merkel is full of shit when she talks about Israel's security being "non-negotiable", in fact, it appears as if she is trying to blackmail them to do her bidding, which appears to be for the Jewish state to commit suicide.

And we have already seen that Barack Obama was out-and-out lying when he claimed Israeli refusal to stop settlement building was harming his attempts to draw Arab nations into an anti-Iran coalition; the WikiLeaks cables in fact show the opposite, that the Arabs are even more freaked out by the Mad Mullahs than the Jews are.

And it certainly appears as if these two anti-Semites are in cahoots in trying to force Israel to take steps that are dangerous to her national security. Not that either of them has ever expressed any, ahem, "solidarity" with the Jews, except to slander them, or in the case of Merkel's Germany, to slaughter them.

Both of these assclowns are making war more likely in the Middle East with their sophomoric, anti-Semitic foreign policy. Which means, of course, when war finally does break out, Merkel and Obama will join together and blame...the Jews.

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