Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill Conspiracy: The Work Of Al-Qaeda?

OK, while we've had our fun with the possibility of Obama orchestrating a Grand Conspiracy in the Gulf, by blowing up Deepwater Horizon in order to advance his radical agenda (oh, see here, here, here, over here, read this, and here, definitely read this, and this is somewhat related as well), there are others who have conspiracy theories as well, and in the sense of fairness, and the liberalista "all ideas are equal if I agree with them", I'll share another that I picked up in the New York Post.

Well, from the comment section, anyway:

Despite the Media claiming oil’s hitting the American coast in the Gulf, there have been no pictures of the oil-stained beaches, and just a handful of shots of dirty pelicans and a few other birds covered in oil.

The Gulf Oil Disaster has been billed as much worse than the Exxon spill in Alaska, but we remember almost instant and prolonged video coverage of every critter and patch of beach that was tainted by oil back in the 80s.

Maybe this sort of thing is only properly photographed and cataloged when a Republican is president. When a Democrat is in the Oval, the Media could possibly run out of film.

OR something far worse could be happening that the White House is trying to cover up.

...... has been speculated that the Deepwater Horizon explosion could be used as a diversion from something even worse that’s happening, but is not being reported on. What if Muslims have attacked some sort of oil operation on Grand Isle in Louisiana, or somewhere else in the Gulf, and the damage done there is such a blow to the US energy producing sector that Obama is not allowing reporting on it…because, frankly, with all of his coddling of Islam, that would be politically detrimental to him.

On Grand Isle, it’s being reported that the military is seizing citizen videos and detaining people who are trying to report on what’s going on. Military vehicles are coming in and out, with giant cranes and other building supplies. What’s going on there? What are they building or repairing? Why all the secrecy?


What’s really happening on Grand Isle?Do you think there’s something more in play here?Could THIS be the real reason for that job-killing moratorium that was placed on the oil industry in the Gulf?

If you needed a convenient way to explain a sudden work stoppage, this could be it. Otherwise, if work had to stop abruptly because of a Muslim attack in the Gulf, the White House and Justice Department would have to answer a lot of uncomfortable questions, now that the misunderstood Care Bears of Islam have attacked Americans, on American soil, yet again...

I've wondered a bit about the media blackout as well. Something that seems more akin to a UFO crash (and that a whole different conspiracy theory, that I'll save for another day) than an oil spill. Curious...

But based on Obama's beyond-tepid speech last night - and despite the expected cry for a "cap and trade" bill - I'm starting to wonder if he had the energy - or the intelligence - to pull off any kind of a scam whatsoever

Not sure I buy the al-Qaeda angle either. But to quote the great philosopher Homer J. Simpson, "Your ideas are intriguing to me, and I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter..."

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Conservative Libertine said...

Frankly I am shocked that Al-Qaeda hasn't taken credit for it whether they did it or not.

It would suggest that Al-Queda has more concern over their credibility than the president has over his.