Thursday, June 24, 2010

Obama Underwater in California

Wow. That's like the state of Massachusetts electing a Republican to fill Ted Kennedy's seat in the Senate! I mean really now, what are the chances of...

Oh. Right.

How far has Barack Obama’s star fallen? KPIX reports on a new Survey USA poll in California, where Barack Obama beat John McCain by over 20 points and which anchors the liberal Left Coast. Since winning 61% of the vote in November 2008, California voters have cooled considerably on Hope and Change, with Obama dropping to a 46/49 approval rating.

How will this affect Barbara Boxer's re-election campaign? Or the campaign of unrepentant liberal Jerry Brown to re-take the governor's mansions?

Whatever happens, remember: All politics are local, and what happened in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Virginia have nothing to do with the president. All good people know that the problems confronting this nation are all the result of George W. Bush's presidency, and will continue to be so until 2013. And maybe further.

Sowhen Obama's people get their asses kicked in November? Blame Bush....

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