Monday, June 28, 2010

Klansman and Democratic Senator Robert Byrd Goes To The Great Cross-Burning In The Sky...

...and why shouldn't that be the lead? Shoot, if every story about the nomination of black Republican Tim Scott starts off by calling it a "break with South Carolina's racist past", I'm not going to let the hateful history of Robert Byrd be relegated to the final paragraph of the story, the way virtually every MSM outlet is doing.

Sad, thoughtful, reverent - that's the best way to describe the coverage that Robert Byrd's death is getting this morning. Much like the lionization of Ted Kennedy, where the media whitewashed his alcohol abuse, his womanizing, and most of all, his responsibility for the death of young Mary Jo Kopechne.

So since the media won't speak ill of this nasty Democratic racist, I will. And by "speaking ill", I mean simply telling the truth about him. Actually, I'll let Michelle Malkin do it:

This ex-Klansman wasn’t just a passive member of the nation’s most notorious hate group. According to news accounts and biographical information, Sen. Byrd was a “Kleagle” — an official recruiter who signed up members for $10 a head. He said he joined because it “offered excitement” and because the Klan was an “effective force” in “promoting traditional American values.” Nothing like the thrill of gathering ’round a midnight bonfire, roasting s’mores, tying nooses, and promoting white supremacy with a bunch of your hooded friends.

The ex-Klansman allegedly ended his ties with the group in 1943. He may have stopped paying dues, but he continued to pay homage to the KKK. Republicans in West Virginia discovered a letter Sen. Byrd had written to the Imperial Wizard of the KKK three years after he says he abandoned the group. He wrote: “The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia” and “in every state in the Union.”

The ex-Klansman later filibustered the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act — supported by a majority of those “mean-spirited” Republicans — for more than 14 hours. He also opposed the nominations of the Supreme Court’s two black justices, liberal Thurgood Marshall and conservative Clarence Thomas.

The ex-Klansman vowed never to fight “with a Negro by my side. Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

And this is who the media, and the Democratic party will pay homage to over the next few days. Remember this, when they are calling you a racist for opposing Barack Obama's socialist policies. Their accusation of "hatred" is one of the most potent weapons in their twisted arsenal, for again to quote Michelle, "Democrats can join hate groups and utter the ugliest racial slurs and get away with it because they are Democrats."

But we can disarm them, reduce the potency of this weapon, and turn the muzzle back upon the Democrats, simply by calling them out, and pointing to the racial hatred that they embrace when - in the from of a once-powerful, now-dead Senator - it is useful to them.

Just as I am calling out Klansman Robert Byrd for his years of active violence against blacks, and the Democratic party, who are about to celebrate it. May you rot in hell together, you racist bastards.

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