Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Help Anna Little Defeat Frank Pallone This Fall !

Anna Little, the wonderful & plucky Tea Party/Republican candidate in New Jersey's CD-6, is going to need a lot of help in her battle against entrenched Democrat and left-wing nut Frank Pallone, a reliable vote for whatever is on the Obama/Pelosi agenda, no matter what the consequences for his district.

Little has got smarts, energy, and a strong grassroots following on her side. Pallone has a cadre of union thugs, and $3.9 million.

Right Klik is running a poll, asking who is the most worthy of a "Ten Buck Friday" money bomb-type push. While all the candidates listed below are of good character and caliber, I think the wonderful Anna may have the steepest hill to climb. And even in a year when money has been less meaningful as far as dictating electoral outcome, Little needs at least some financial help to get her message out against the most well-funded Democratic incumbent in Congress. New Jersey has been leading the way in tossing off the chains of socialism imposed on us by the Democratic party; we need the rest of the nation's help in order to subdue our leftists foes.

Please click Anna's name in the poll below. As of now, she has a slim lead - let's push her over the top! Beneath that, some information on Ms. Little, should you need further convincing. And you can go on over to Right Klik at the link above and post this poll on your own blog, if you are so willing:

Anna is a wife, a mother of three children, and currently serves as Mayor of the Borough of Highlands, New Jersey. As Mayor, Anna has proven her ability to manage a fiscally responsible municipality by reducing the budget, and implementing an economic growth vision for her hometown.
From 2006-2008, Anna served as a Monmouth County Freeholder, bringing her vision of responsible government to the county by establishing the Continuous Budget Review Committee, and by hosting an Economic Development Summit...


Anonymous said...

I'll contribute $10- either way. Would help to have an army of bloggers behind us, though.

Maggie Thornton said...

Thanks for joining Ten Buck Fridays. Looks like Anna is running away with it Week 2.

Anonymous said...

Please nominate Patricia Sullivan, Conservative Republican, for Congress in the 8th Congressional District, Fl.for Ten Buck Fridays. The seat is currently held by Alan Grayson. Patricia, being the only Republican to qualify for the ballot by petition and a real peoples grass roots candidate is the one to beat him. To do so she needs all the financial support your contacts can muster in order to make her message heard. Can you help??

Thank You,