Thursday, June 24, 2010

If Barack Likes It...We Hate It !

And when I say "we", I'm not referring to us right-wing tea-partying racists in the blogosphere. I'm talking about "we", as the We the American people.

How else can you explain
this little piece of polling:

Forty-two percent (42%) of U.S. voters now believe Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan should not be confirmed following the Senate hearings scheduled to begin next week. That's up nine points from the week President Obama announced her nomination and the highest level of opposition to date...

It's not as if any bombshell revelations have come out. It seems more likely that Kagan's numbers are tracking with the president's, which are plummeting from heights unseen since Icarus took his mighty fall.

Folks don't believe Obama. They do not approve of his radical agenda. And the more that they see of his self-absorbed snippiness, they less they like him personally.

Why would they want to allow him to install a judge who reflects his unorthodox, un-American views; a judge whose rulings will affect the American people for a generation or better?

What can Obama say to defend her, to separate her from him? "Some people say we cannot appoint a white, Jewish, left-wing academic to a lifetime post on the Supreme Court. And I say yes we can!" I still think, that despite national approval for Congressional blockage of a judicial appointment based on ideology, that the Republicans will not filibuster this pick. The heat - from the media, from woman's groups, from the old "polite" guard - will be too much. Save a scandal, she is in.

But if you ever needed more reason to doubt her, Robert Bork will give it to you:

Former federal judge Robert Bork said Wednesday that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s admiration of Israeli supreme court judge Aharon Barak, a Harvard graduate widely regarded as a quintessential activist judge, is "disqualifying in and of itself."

"...Ms. Kagan has not had time to develop a mature philosophy of judging, and I think that I would say that her admiration for Aharon a prime example of that."

Sounds like a certain inexperienced chief executive that we know. And how has putting a person with a maturity deficit into high office worked out for us so far? Yeah, exactly...

Regardless - it appears as if the voters are turning hard on Obama, and if he says "black", the nation together screams, "No! White!" (no racial puns intended there).

Unless he can keep a suicidal Democratic party marching in goose-step with his agenda, it appears as if a whole lot of gridlock is on the horizon. Until November 2010, at least...

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