Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When Joe Biden Attacks...

Via Gateway Pundit, video of Wisconsin custard store owner Scott "lower our taxes! Borkin, who refutes the media's narrative that Joe Biden's verbal assault upon him was simply a case of "joking around":

Hey pal, you're just a prop, OK? Your supposed to smile and make nice? If you disobey the script, well...see this little dog at your feet? He's going to growl and bark and nip and show you who's boss...so you'd better behave, and read your lines. Or else.

Funny/Ironic: Wisconsin - the whitest of white states, the bluest of blue states - is the first to feel the authoritarian boot of the Obama doctrine placed firmly upon its neck for....daring to exercise their First Amendment rights.

If this could happen in "Bluconsin", you shouldn't be surprised if you see tanks rolling into Arizona...and not for securing the border, either...

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