Tuesday, June 08, 2010

New Jersey results start to trickle in...

....and we got one nominee locked down:

Former Philadelphia Eagles lineman Jon Runyan is the Republican nominee for the 3rd Congressional District, where the GOP has high hopes of regaining a seat in November.

Runyan will face freshman U.S. Rep. John Adler (D-3rd Dist.) in the November general election. It is expected to be the most competitive congressional race in the state this year

Meanwhile, the Republican primaries in CD-6 and CD-12 show early strength for the insurgents:
With 183 of 215 districts, 85%, in CD-6, Monmouth County, Anna Little is leading Diane Gooch 4622 - 3798.

In CD-12, Monmouth County, with 110 of 125 districts reporting, 88%, David Corsi is leading Scott Sipprelle, 2852-2342.

In Mercer County, with 121 of 139 districts, Sipprelle is leading Corsi 1594-777. Mercer County is saving Sipprelle's hide.

I came out early in CD-12 in favor of the hard-working Mike Halfacre and bemoaned his graceful "stepping aside" for the barely-worthy Sipperelle...and took a lot of heat for it here. Let's hope whoever the candidate is can get his sh*t together and seize the rare opportunity to run Holt out of office...

(more results here)

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