Friday, June 11, 2010

Helen Thomas Gets a New Gig ! the "Immigration Minister" of Arizona. Colin Cohen, posting at When Falls The Coliseum, reports from the introductory press conference:

THOMAS: Thank you, Governor. And thank you, my former colleagues. I just have a few short remarks and then I’ll take some of your questions. . . . Mexicans, get the hell out of Arizona. This is not your land. Go back to Mexico, or Spain, or Portugal — or wherever.

REPORTER 1: How do you plan to tackle our state’s immigration problem?

THOMAS: I plan to use the tactics of Hamas and Hezbollah — whom I’ve always admired —and fire rockets indiscriminately into Mexican neighborhoods. That should get them moving.

REPORTER 2: What do you say to those who insist that the Mexicans are the original inhabitants of Arizona — that they were dispersed by the American invasion in the 19th century?

THOMAS: Are you Jewish? You certainly look Jewish. Next question.

Alas, these tactics are only permissible - nay, praiseworthy - against the Jews. When used against any other race or creed, it's a hate crime. Genocide. An act of war.

Clear on the (double) standards yet?

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