Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Israel vs. the world: The UN Security Council springs into action!

Sure, when Arab terrorists kills scores of Israeli civilians, or while Iran builds a bomb and swears that the Jews "ain't seen a Holocaust...yet", the UN Security Council sits on its hands or - at best - puts out a mealy-mouth resolution blaming both sides for dead Jews.

But should Israel seek to defend itself from Hamas affiliates claiming to be "peace activists" who were attempting to run a blockade of a terrorist state, well, that's when your trusty Security Council springs into action!

The U.N. Security Council called early Tuesday for an "impartial" investigation of Israel's deadly commando raid on ships taking humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and condemned the "acts" that resulted in the loss of at least nine lives.

Are these the acts that are being condemned? Let's take a look at what the IDF's video cameras recorded (although the truth is but a trifle in a case like this):

Jeez, what types of "peace activists" attack soldiers who board their ships unarmed? (the Israeli commandos were only carrying paintball guns). Maybe these types:

Prominent among the coalition organizations participating in the aid flotilla scheduled to arrive in the Gaza Strip ....is is the Turkish IHH (Insani Yardim Vakfi, IHH, “humanitarian relief fund”). It is a radical Islamic organization which was established in 1992 and formally registered in Istanbul in 1995. It is headed by B├╝lent Yildirim. …

In practice, besides its legitimate humanitarian activities, IHH supports radical Islamic terrorist networks. In recent years it has prominently supported Hamas (through the Union of Good). In addition, the ITIC has reliable information that in the past IHH provided logistical support and funding to global jihad networks.

IHH’s orientation is radical-Islamic and anti-American, and it is close to the Muslim Brotherhood(Hamas’ parent movement). IHH supports Hamas and does not hide the connection between them. Hamas also considers its links to IHH and Turkey to be extremely important, and regards Turkey as a target audience for its propaganda network (Palestine-Information, Hamas’ main website, has a Turkish version, and as of the end of 2009, the website of its military wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, has also appeared in Turkish).

And here's where it went wrong for Israel - in their efforts to show the world they were being "gentle" with "peace activists", they had their commandos board these ships for the most part unarmed. Had they boarded them while armed to the teeth, most likely there would have been no offensive action against them , and few if any would have died (the first would have been the last). But the terrorists, filled to the brim with hatred, saw weakness, and attempted to exploit it, as they always do.

Israel should know better. The world hates them, no matter what they agree to, no matter what concessions they make, regardless of what portions of their national security they sacrifice. Next time there's a "peace flotilla" with know terrorists on them, greet 'em with a barrel of an Uzi. Given the craven cowardliness of most jihadis (brave when bombing civilians, and excellent at hiding behind them in a firefight), I doubt they would put up much of a struggle. Held after the fact, they might be worth a "diplomatic ransom" of some sort as well...
When it's you against the world, there is no scorecard, and no points given for gentlemanly behavior. Especially when the ref - in this case, the Security Council - is already bought off...

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