Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Obama: Disarming Israel, Arming the Muslims

If you can't see where Obama is going with this, you're walking around with your eyes closed:

The administration appears to have rejected, for example, Israel's request for AH-64D Apache Longbow Attack Helicopters which the Israeli military uses for counterterrorism activity. Because that Israeli public objects to being the target of several thousand rockets launched from Gaza, the Israeli military will have to fight these terrorists, many of whom are supplied by tunnels from Egypt.
The Israeli Ministry of Defense prefers to use helicopters to negate the need for groundtroops; this lowers both Israeli troop and Palestinian civilian casualties. Since the Israeli state is not going to do nothing and allow its civilians to be fodder for Palestinian rockets, Obama is presaging a bloodier conflict.

Oh, by the way, the Obama administration has just notified Congress that it plans to sell AH-64D Apache Longbow Attack Helicopters to Egypt.....

So - Obama has refused to sell weapons to a democracy under seige, and instead is providing weapons to a state with no enemies, save their self-declared hatred of Israel and its accursed Jews.

Is Obama setting up a weakened Israel? Is he hoping a "Gaza Masacre" - caused by Israel's need to defend itself and its lack of precision weaponary - will turn the world further against Israel, and allow him to impose a radical peace that favors Muslim fundimentalists?

Obama - a friend of Israel? C'mon, he's the self-proclaimed president of one of the "world's largest Muslim nations" - who's side do you think he's on?

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct. It is amazing what Obama is doing to undermine Israel's defense. America wake up! It appears he is not concerned with the defense of America either.