Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Letterman: When Conservatives are Raped, it's Funny!

What it it with CBS and the Palins? Are they still intoxicated from the award Katie Couric recieved for "bringing down Sarah Palin"?

We posted yesterday on how the aforementioned Katie C. mocked Sarah Palin out of nowhere in her "Class(less) Day" speech. And now we have David Letterman, growing older and more miserable by the day, lashing out with rape innuendo against Sarah and her teenaged daughter:

While reading his top ten list Monday night, "Late Show" host David Letterman said Gov. Sarah Palin bought makeup from Bloomingdale's to update her "slutty flight attendant" look.

Which he follows with a joke about 14 year old Willow Palin getting raped by a Alex Rodriguez....

But CBS still hasn't zipped up their pants yet; there's still more "fun" to be had at the expense of the Palin women! Legal Insurrection reports on CBS News' Political Hot Sheet blogger Charles Cooper using a rape analogy for Sarah: the latest Chapter of Sarah Watch, a minor kerfuffle has erupted in the blogosphere over whether Palin's attendance at a Washington fundraiser held on behalf of Republican House and Senate candidates Monday night (with the First Dude in tow, naturally) was a big hit or a non-event....

What happened next may go down as a "
Rashomon moment " in the annals of Palin coverage.

Rashomom, in case you are under 50, is a movie about...a horrendous rape.

What is going through the mind of CBS News/entertainment, as well as the liberals who find these attacks so pleasing?

Theory: These attacks - on the Palins, on Carrie Prejean - are actually predetermined rapes of their own; acts of political violence by America's left wing against females who dare defy them:

For some reason, when liberals see a Sarah Palin or a Carrie Prejean, the impulse immediately is for the lowest road possible: not to engage them, but to defile them. Not to prove them wrong, but to humiliate them in the vilest way possible. The immediate, insatiable urge of the Left is to wreck a female adversary so completely that no one can look at them the same way; so that anyone who sees their victim will see the marks on them and turn away in disgust or openly mock with rightous venom, and to hopefully so emotionally destroy their female "enemies" that their self-esteem is ravaged, and they slink away from public life, alone and ashamed.

There's a word for this type of assault. Rape.

Yes, the assault isn't physical, but the thought process behind the rapes of Palin and Prejean are identical to that of the common street rapist: To defile, degrade, humiliate, embarrass, and make themselves feel better in the process. A broken victim is what each hopes to obtain, and neither stops the assault until the surrender is complete.

And do you wonder why Prejean's(/Palin's) name stays in the news? Because the rape is ongoing; the victim has refused to break...

But when hasn't a Leftist state committed rape in the name of ideological purity? America is just late to the party, but our liberals are making up for lost time....

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