Monday, June 15, 2009

Buyer's Remorse

So American Jews, voting with their anxious liberal impulses instead of with their God-given sense of survival, supported Obama in the 2008 presidential election by a margin of 78%-22%.

So are they getting what the paid for? In my opinion....they are getting what they deserve:

President Obama’s strongest supporters among Jewish leaders are deeply troubled by his recent Middle East initiatives, and some are questioning what he really believes, Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, said...

....many in the Jewish community, including some of Obama’s most ardent supporters, are troubled by his comments in the Middle East, especially his remarks to his Cairo audience. Others are concerned that, facing a multitude of problems on the domestic front, Obama has traveled twice to the Middle East without visiting Israel, America’s stalwart ally in the region for more than a half-century.
“There’s a lot of questioning going on about what he really believes and what does he really stand for,” Hoenlein says of Obama’s outreach....

There should be no questioning whatsoever. Obama spent his whole adult life praying with, and receiving spirtual guidance from, an unrepentent anti-Semite. Anyone who closed their eyes to that reality deserves to get killed by it. You don't close your eyes when you cross a busy street; why would you do it when you are selecting the leader of the world's most powerful nation?

Do you want to know what he really believes? He said it quite clearly in his speech:

Hoenlein believes that the most troubling aspect of Obama’s comments in his Cairo speech was his effort to equate the Nazi killing of more than six million Jews during the Holocaust with Israel’s struggle with the Palestinians over six decades and the suffering caused by the displacement of the Palestinians.

In his speech, President Obama addressed the issue of the Holocaust head-on, saying “Six million Jews were killed — more than the entire Jewish population of Israel today.”
But he quickly changed the subject, comparing Hitler’s genocide of the Jews to the Palestinian struggle.
“On the other hand,” Obama said, as he transitioned from the Holocaust to the modern Middle East, “it is also undeniable that the Palestinian people — Muslims and Christians — have suffered in pursuit of a homeland.”

So, to Barack Obama, six million slaughtered Jews is morally equal to the Palestinian "suffering" experienced when Israel fought back against their terror. Let's put it this way - the only people who equate the two are hardcore leftists and hardcore anti-Semites, and in America they usually are an overlapping group.

So which catagory fits Obama? Try both. But I figured it out before the election; what's the excuse for the remaining 78% of my bretheren, many of whom easily claim to be so much brighter than I, based on our political affiliations?

Mitt Romney was on ABC last weekend, trying to point out the obvious:

During the campaign, when he spoke to AIPAC, he said he would do everything in his power to keep Iran from having a nuclear weapon. And then he went to Cairo and said that no single nation should have the ability to deny another nation the right to have a nuclear weapon. That is an 180-degree flip of a dangerous nature. I'm sure it was welcome in many streets in the Arab world and in the world that's most -- include the Persian world, Iran as well. But that's not right for America. That's not right for world security.

Well, after all Romney is a Republican. What does he know?

So what will the Jews do in 2010, 2012? Vote as if their lives depended on it, and look towards the right? Or will they make the same mistakes they did in 1930's Germany, when they assumed the Nazi party was just posturing to obtain power?

For a group so often thought to be among society's brightest, turns out we Jews are just not all that smart after all....

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