Monday, June 01, 2009

The "Joy" Of GM's Bankruptcy

Hey..easy! That's not my word, OK?

So what kind of complete *sshole would use that phrase to describe General Motor's demise? Why, liberal icon and John Belushi lookalike Michael Moore:

So here we are at the deathbed of General Motors. The company's body not yet cold, and I find myself filled with -- dare I say it -- joy. It is not the joy of revenge against a corporation that ruined my hometown and brought misery, divorce, alcoholism, homelessness, physical and mental debilitation, and drug addiction to the people I grew up with. Nor do I, obviously, claim any joy in knowing that 21,000 more GM workers will be told that they, too, are without a job.

But you and I and the rest of America now own a car company....

And Moore witters on about how "The products built in the factories of GM, Ford and Chrysler are some of the greatest weapons of mass destruction responsible..." It's pretty incomprehensible, save for the fact that he wants to use GM to create mass-transit infrastructure, and pay for it with a $2- gallon gas tax. OK, fat boy, whatever. Thankfully, you're only one of 270 million stockholders.

More involuntary humor from a frothing Ralph Nadar, who rages against the bankruptcy proceedings:

The unionized workforce will see the wage and benefit structure slashed -- even though auto manufacturer wages make up less than 10 percent of the cost of a car -- so that new jobs at GM will no longer be a ticket to the middle class.

Nadar misses the fact that his thought process - it's about the union, not the cars - is what made GM vehicles unpleasent, inefficient, unattractive, and unbuyable.

But liberals are a study in contradictions. Moore - the cinematographer of the "common man" - feels "joy" at a bankruptcy that will force tens of thousands out of jobs, Nadar rages that the employee's needs are more important than the product they produce, and Barack Obama claims to be able to cut the deficit by nationalizing healthcare and adding a trillion dollars in debt.

Open your eyes, fellas. See the ruins all around you? It's the physical manifistation of your incoherent thought processes, and of your policy perscriptions brought to life.

And yet, they plow forward, like tanks on autopilot through a defenseless city - understanding nothing but their misguided mission, with no care for the havoc they wreak...

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MikeGSP said...

I think Moore is more Chris farley than John Belushi, but they thet's just me.

Now, go vote Lonegan RWN!!!