Friday, June 26, 2009

Chris Christie Goes to Capital Hill, Kicks Liberal Ass!

Democrats in DC, desperate to keep Jon Corzine in office as New Jersey's governor (because of his unlimited funds? Or fear that a Corzine loss might open eyes to the failure of the liberal policies in New Jersey?) dragged Republican candidate Chris Christie up to Capitol Hill to testify on "deferred prosecution agreements. "

But it was a setup for a partisan attack on a popular candiate. Alas, the Dems - and especially comitteee chair Steve Cohen (D-Tenn) learned what happens when you mess with Jersey. The transcript:

"No, in fact sir, the complete answer to that…” Christie began.
“That’s the complete answer to that,” Cohen interrupted.
“No, no it’s not, sir, it really isn’t,” replied Christie.

Cohen pushed on.

“You made an offer they couldn’t refuse,” he said.
Christie objected, and the two ran over each others’ words until Cohen said loudly:
“I’ve got the microphone.”

Sir, you said that I made them an offer they couldn’t refuse,” Christie said,
earning a “That’s right” from Cohen.
First of all, it’s an ethnically insensitive comment by you, first of all, to an Italian-American and secondly…”
Cohen interjected, “I had no idea were Italian-American…”
Christie again cut him off.

And secondly, sir, you were not in the room when those negotiations took place, sir,” Christie said. “I

...The microphone eventually passed to Rep. Bill Delahunt, who prefaced his own acrimonious exchange with Christie by claiming to have had “no idea” Christie was running for governor until Thursday.

The two-and-a-half-hour hearing ended with a flourish—Christie abruptly walked out to catch a train, over the protests of Cohen and amid counter-protests from subcommittee Republicans.

Seems like Cohen may have had another reason to go after Chris Christie, a personal one: Apparently, Cohen steered a high-six-figure earmark to a firm that Christie investigated and is currently charging with conspiring to violate the federal anti-kickback statute...

So a high profile attack on Chris Christie with the intent of helping Corzine's re-election bid and protecting Steve Cohen's earmark abuses was turned on its head as Christie walked away from the circus as the donkeys brayed. Much was learned here, about the strength and good character of Chris Christie to the craven lengths the Democrats will go to in order to help Jon Corzine and hide their own politcal malfeasence.

Can't wait to see the next set of polls...

Incidentally, Steve Cohen should watch the racist remarks. We wrote about him recently - and somewhat sympathetically - as a "good liberal" who's about to lose his seat in a primary chiefly because of the color of his skin. One would not be suprised to see Christie's hints of Cohen's racism make the rounds in Memphis...

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