Saturday, June 20, 2009

Obama: Betting On The Wrong Horse?

Considering the guy campaigned as a international multilateralist, it's kind of suprising to see Barack Obama refusing to join with our European allies in denouncing the rigged Iranian elections.

Well, maybe not. Because as we are beginning to learn about the president, it's always about him. The New York Times reports on our paralyzed president:

With Iran on a razor’s edge after a week of swelling protests, the Obama administration has fended off pressure from both parties to respond more forcefully to the disputed election there. But if Iranian authorities carry out their latest threat of a more sweeping crackdown, the White House would reconsider its carefully calibrated tone, officials said Friday.

So Obama won't even offer a more strongly-worded statement until there is Persian blood filling the street of Tehran, and even then he will only consider changing his tone. Why?

The administration still hopes to pursue diplomatic engagement with Iran on its nuclear program.

Oh, right. So Obama's desire to prove that he can talk a psychotic messianic leadership out of building a doomsday device that would fulfill their prophecies is so strong that he will allow a democratic revolution to be hacked to pieces so that he may fulfill his destiny of being "The One".

Who is crazier?

But that's not my point. The question is, what happens if the democratic revolution in Iran actually wins out and takes power? How will they feel towards Obama and the United States, who stood meekly by and refused to offer even words of moral support as they fought in the streets for freedom? Will we once again be enemies of a new Iranian Republic, this time because we are seen as supporting the Mullahs over the mainstream?

Obama is betting that the Mullahs will prevail, and is so hell-bent on proving they are simply liberals in black robes, that he will allow the flower of Persian freedom to perish so he can prove his own intellectual might.

But if he's wrong - and the revolution succeeds - he will have alienated America from Iran for another generation, as they fly to Europe/Russia/China in search of new allies.

It's a risky bet, with virtually no upside, win or lose. But it's not about freedom for the enslaved, and it's not about America's interests. It's about Barack Obama, who appears to be feeling a bit of pressure to prove his own messianic standing.

And we all will suffer for it.

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Update: It's on, via Twitter: Tweets report shooting as well and explosion at Khomeini tomb....Several tweets from inside Iran report heavy clashes with security forces, tear gas, batons..

But aren't they afraid of a "different tone" from Barack Obama?

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Newspeak in the Age of Obama:

Cowardice is now "caution"