Friday, June 12, 2009

Climate Change? China Chuckles...

While Barack Obama and the Democrats are about to enact a "cap-and-trade" energy tax that will drive us into poverty in order to "save the planet", China is taking the opposite direction, with pedal to the metal:

China will not make a binding commitment to reduce carbon emissions, putting in jeopardy the prospects for a global pact on climate change.
Officials from Beijing told a UN conference in Bonn yesterday that China would increase its emissions to develop its economy rather than sign up to mandatory cuts.

Qin Gang, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, said that China was still a developing country and its priority was to develop its economy, alleviate poverty and raise living standards. “Given that, it is natural for China to have some increase in emissions, so it is not possible for China to accept a binding or compulsory target,” he said.

As opposed to the United States, where the current administraton's priority is to retard its economic growth (a project well underway), create addititional poverty, and to lower living standards by forcing us into darkness.

But...I thought the world looked up to us, and would follow our "moral" leadership on climate change if we led the way by draining the oxygen -whoops, I mean the electricity - out of our economy first!

Am I to understand that nations are actually following their own self-interests, instead of those of the UN and European enviorn"mental"ists? But...I thought that Barack would change all that by his mere presence on the world stage!

It's one thing to drink the Kool-Aid, if everyone's doing it. Bad enough. But to be the first one to drink it, to die in grotesque triumph thinking you are the leader of a great movement, only to have the rest of the world, having seen your twisted corpse, walk away, having seen the result and thought better of it - well, is there any more humiliating way to perish?

Ask the president, he' s stirring up the drink right now...

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