Friday, June 12, 2009

Corzine's New Jersey: It's Illegal To Lower Taxes!

Ah, think of the all the days I owuld have had of empty blog posts were in not for the endless stupidity of New Jersey's Jon Corzine and the state's Democratic party...

And you thought yesterday's story about New Jersey taxpayers being forced to pony up dough to pay for the health care of the pets of welfare recipients was the bottom of the barrel? Well, get ready to keep digging, as today's act of liberal stupidity is a classic. It seems as if one financially prudent township learned a harsh lesson in...being financially prudent:

When Pemberton Borough School District officials proposed cutting the school tax rate, they were told by Corzine’s Department of Education that would be illegal.

The Philadelphia Inquirer said the $910,166 tax levy district officials proposed fell below the minimum required by Corzine’s new education funding law. Worse, the state said the town needs to raise an additional $93,744.

“This absolutely defies logic,” said Assemblywoman Dawn Marie Addiego. “Only in Jon Corzine’s New Jersey is it illegal to cut taxes. Trenton is punishing this community for running a tight ship and cutting costs. It speaks volumes about what is wrong on State Street.” Added Assemblyman Scott Rudder, “It’s amazing, but sad how many different ways Governor Corzine can find to inflict pain on our hard-working families.”

I'm looking forward to Barack Obama campaigning with Jon Corzine, and having to defend that policy. May be a bit tricky, that. After all, laws against cutting taxes - while forcing townships to raise them - cannot all that easily be blamed on Corzine's gubernatorial opponent, who I understand is named George W. Bush.

Actually, if Obama is as smart as people keep telling me he is, he'll stay as far away from Jersey this campaign season as possible. The state is a harbinger of America's future under Obama policies; why invite the comparison? And why alighn yourself with a guy who, by all accounts, is a dead man walking?

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