Friday, June 19, 2009

Giving Freedom a Black Eye

When world events lead to an uprising of a people demanding their status be upgraded from subjects to citizens, eyes invariably turn to the United States, long known for its promotion of democracy and freedom.

And we have failed the world, and especially the Iranian people, in miserable fashion. In the face of an insurrection against perhaps the most dangerous regime on the planet, the leader of the free world, Barack Obama, praises what he sees as a "robust debate."

Most "debates" don't end like this:

But this woman has more courage in her black eye than president Obama has in his entire quivering body; he hides in a corner and mouths inane platitudes in fear of upsetting his grand scheme of negotiating a settlement with madman, while she faces down these turban-clad devils, her strength coming from the courage of her convictions, that freedom shall win over might.

She fights against the tyrants of terror, but also fights against Barack Obama, who is desperate to appease them to fulfill his own vainglorious destiny. Each would crush this young lady to satisfy their personal lusts for power and prestige.

I wish her well, and pray for her.

Best Iran coverage is over at Gateway Pundit, as usual.

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