Saturday, January 13, 2007

Quod Era Demonstrada...

Joe Kennedy writes an op-ed in the New York Daily News urging all good-hearted Americans to support Venezuelan tyrant Hugo Chavez: 2005, we began a partnership with CITGO — an oil company owned by the people and the government of Venezuela — to distribute heating oil. The program went smoothly. Tens of thousands of households were served without any particular controversy.

This year was another story. Our program attracted negative attention this season for only one reason: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's controversial speech at the United Nations last September. A lot of people didn't like Chavez's speech. I didn't like his remarks, either.
That speech led critics to suggest that the oil program to help the needy is somehow un-American.
How is aiding those less fortunate un-American?

Joe is lying here, twice. Once, by saying that CITGO is owned "by the people" of Venezuela - like all socialist countries, the "people's profits" never actually reach the people, only their representatives in high offices. Notice how well Venezuela took to Chavez declaration of a socialist People's State:

Venezuela’s stock market tumbled almost 19 per cent and its currency lost a third of its value in unofficial trading as investors took fright at President Ch├ívez’s plans to nationalise utilities as part of his “Socialist revolution”.
The benchmark IBC index of the Caracas stock exchange plunged 11,574 to 50,439, dragged down by the shares of the power and telephone companies of which the Government intends to seize control.

So Joe Kennedy wants us to support a dictator who siezes private property to "nationalize" it, a policy that has failed and led to misery everywhere it has been implemented (see Cuba, USSR, et al.). Nice!

Joe's second lie was that it was just one little speech that turned America against poor, misunderstood HC. Fact is, there is a pretty big pile of evidence damning the principles of governing that Chavez was operating under; his open call for socialism just put it out into the open. I guess Joe doesn't believe in the principles of capitalism; just what does he believe in, then?

Let's follow along that path - now that we know Joe loves Hugo, let's see who Hugo loves - via Fausta:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived here
Saturday at the head of a Latin American tour where he hopes to strengthen ties with leftist governments seeking to reduce Washington's influence in the region.
Ahmadinejad was given a red-carpet welcome at Caracas' international airport, where Vice President Jorge Rodriguez greeted him at the start of a trip that will also take him to Nicaragua for meetings with newly inaugurated President Daniel Ortega, a former Marxist guerrilla, and to Ecuador, where President-elect Rafael Correa will be sworn in Monday.

The Iranian leader will meet Saturday with President Hugo Chavez, whom Ahmadinejad described as "brother" during his first visit to Venezuela in September.
Chavez and Ahmadinejad have been increasingly united by their deep-seated antagonism to Washington. Chavez has become a leading defender of Iran's nuclear ambitions, accusing the United States of using the issue as a pretext to attack a regime it opposes and promising to stand with Iran.

Let's see where we find ourselves now:
Ahmadinjed has called repeatedly for the destruction of the United States, and is building nuclear weapons towards that end.
Chavez has repeatedly called the U.S. a "threat", and is endorsing Iran's nuclear program, likely in the hopes that he will have an opportunity to partake in some of the spoils.

Ahmadinjed knows the US stands blocking his path towards total domination of the Middle East.
Chavez knows that the US stands blocking his path towards total domination of South America.
Both hate the United States, passionately.

Joe Kennedy supports Chavez, who supports Ahmadinjed, who leads chants of "Death to America" on a weekly basis.
Joe Kennedy supports America's enemies.
Joe Kennedy is a traitor to the American people, their government, and to the principles that it upholds.
Quod era demonstrada....

UPDATE: More on that wacky American, Joeseph Kennedy II:

Kennedy again considered running for the governorship in 2002, but opted out citing family difficulties: After his ex-wife, Shiela Rauch, published a book ("A Woman Scorned") criticizing the Catholic Church for granting their annulment, it was revealed the annulment was on the grounds of mental deficiency. Further, there were allegations made that on a family camping trip with him, his brother raped the babysitter. The final blow to his immediate aspirations may have come when he severely burnt his son by accidentally shooting him with illegal fireworks....

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