Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Castro's Surgery, and New Jersey....

Every time an apologist for Cuba's tyrannical regime speaks up in its defense, the first thing they will brag about is Cuba's "excellent medical care". Uh huh:

Cuban leader Fidel Castro has long prided himself on Cuba's doctors and free public health care system, but that system seems to have let him down after he fell ill in July , U.S.-based doctors said on Tuesday.
Based on a report in Tuesday's edition of Spain's El Pais newspaper, the doctors -- who have no first-hand knowledge of Castro's condition -- said
Castro had received questionable or even botched care at the hands of health experts on his communist-ruled island.
"It's not a good story. Too bad they didn't send him to Miami for surgery," said Dr. Charles Gerson...

According to two medical sources cited by El Pais, the veteran revolutionary was in "very serious" condition after three failed operations on his large intestine for diverticulitis, or pouch-like bulges in the intestine, complicated by infection.
The sources in El Pais were from the same Madrid hospital where a surgeon who visited the 80-year-old Castro in late December works.

Well, one fallacy bites the dust...too bad New Jersey lawmakers are too thick to get it. I wrote a few weeks ago about their attempts to institute certain
price controls on doctors treating automobile-related injuries:

....why would any good doctor practice in New Jersey? It's not like the state intends to pay them:

The new fee limits will be based on federal Medicare rates with adjustments for New Jersey's high cost of living. Medicare is the national health insurance program for people over 65 years of age and its reimbursement rates are considered low.

Cuba's best doctors would rather take a chance swimming with the sharks than stay in Castro's communist paradise. Maybe if they we allowed to work for real money in an open market, instead of being forced to heal for the "good of the revolution", Fearless Leader would not be on his deathbed today.

Wait until New Jersey doctors, tired of getting paid what bought-off politicans tell them they should be earning, start leaving the state for fairer climes. How ironic if Corzine and his ilk need to seek treatment outside of their home state for medical woes. Oh, well, at least he can afford it. As for the rest of us, trapped in the People's State of New Jersey....

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