Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'll take my truth with a twist of lie, thank you

Big win for American and Iraqi soldiers today, rooting out a large squad of insurgents and terrorists in Najaf, right?


Well, the New York Times tells the story like this: least 250 people were killed near the city of Najaf on Sunday in what appeared to be one of Iraq’s deadliest battles in years, Iraqi officials said.

For 15 hours, Iraqi forces backed by American helicopters and tanks battled hundreds of gunmen hiding in a date palm orchard near the village of Zarqaa, about 120 miles south of Baghdad, by a river and a large grain silo that is surrounded by orchards, the officials said.

Col. Ali Numaas, a spokesman for the Iraqi security forces in Najaf, said that the fighting stopped just after 10 p.m. and that most of those killed were militants.

This is about as good as winning warfare gets, right?

So why the hell does the Times use the following headline:

U.S. Helicopter Is Shot Down in Iraq Battle

If a 250-2 kill ratio is considered unacceptable, than I think the bar has been raised just a little too high...

Or else the Times is hoping people stop reading after the headline, so they can continue to decry the "bad news coming daily out of Iraq"...

Update January 30th: Gateway Pundit has a follow up on this disgusting behavior....

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