Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Jersey - Soon to be a Socialist Paradise!

With medical treatment just like they get in Cuba!

What, you think that is a good thing? What doctor worth his salt is going to want to practice in a state that
regulates what he can charge?

New Jersey regulators are considering limiting how much doctors can charge insurers for treating people injured in vehicle accidents, a move meant to cut prices, but one foes argue will make it hard to get medical care.
The state Department of Banking and Insurance proposal would restrict how much medical professionals can charge for more than 1,000 procedures associated with auto accidents.

Of course, the leftist
Star-Ledger throws in just a dash of editorial bias in its "reporting" on the same story:

The proposal, which would impose price limits on more than 1,000 medical procedures associated with auto accidents, is setting up another battle between the powerful interests that have a big stake in the auto insurance debate: insurers, lawyers and doctors.

Er..what about the government, jackrods? Don't you think they classify as a "powerful interest"?
Well, in the workers paradise of New Jersey, the government will soon preselect your doctors!

Michael Kornett, chief executive officer of the Medical Society of New Jersey, said blocking the price controls is the group's top priority for the coming year.
"This is probably the most devastating blow to physician-patient relations that New Jersey has ever imposed," he said. "This is a raging war against physicians in the state of New Jersey."
"It will limit a consumer's choice as to what doctors they can see, and that to me is a real problem," said Assemblyman Jon Bramnick (R-Union), who has co-sponsored bipartisan legislation that would postpone the price caps pending further review.

So again, why would any good doctor practice in New Jersey? It's not like the state intends to pay them:

The new fee limits will be based on federal Medicare rates with adjustments for New Jersey's high cost of living. Medicare is the national health insurance program for people over 65 years of age and its reimbursement rates are considered low.

And it's not as if the insurance business is losing money in Jersey right now -

New Jersey insurers earned a 12.4 percent profit in 2004, making the state the 14th most profitable, according to Auto Insurance Report, an industry newsletter.

- they just have paid-off friends in Trenton.

Welcome to the People's Republic Of New Jersey! Where gay marriage is approved by judicial fiat, property taxes are the highest in the nation, and we drive out doctors who dare want to earn money! Sure, we have lost more high-paying tech jobs than any state in the Union, but who cares if those $36,000- jobs go south? We are replacing them with enlightened workers in service industries making an average of $23,000! And if that's not good enough, we'll put you on the payroll of one of the most bloated state governments in the world! Retire at 50 years old, with full pensions and benefits, paid for by those lousy rich residents daring to earn $100,000 in the private sector!

What? There's less and less of those "rich" residents to loot? The tax base is dropping? The infrastructure is crumbling? Residents are leaving? The public outlay is increasing? Oh, don't worry, in liberal New Jersey, there will always be another sucker to appropriate funds from!

Until, of course, there isn't, and that's when the liberal Ponzi scheme collapses, leaving the state morally and fiscally bankrupt. Just like pre-Arnold California....

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