Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Violence Rages - in France !

The breakdown of civil French society continued apace into the New Year, as reported by No Parasan! :

New Year's Eve scorecard: 313 cars torched (plus 83 by ricochet) and 258 arrests despite a police presence of 25,000. The French are getting so touchy about these statistics that they are "breaking out" a separate category of torched cars as in "cars accidentally exploding because they were too close to cars that were intentionally torched" (voitures brûlée par propagation).

French authorities (who seem to have much more authority over bean counting regulations than over their own territory) confide that such levels of violence are well within what is now considered to be acceptable. They do express concern that the average age of festive French youths is ever younger as witnessed by incidents involving 8 to 10 year olds...

313 cars torched, 258 arrests, even with over 25,000 "policeman" ? Either the violence in France is worse than even these statistics can lead us to believe or French police are hopelessly incompetent (or they are operating with their hands tied behind their backs, which would not be a surprise in the liberal paradise that is Europe). Gateway Pundit has photos of the "revelry"...
On the other hand, over one million revelers descended into the belly of the capitalist beast itself, New York City's Times Square, and we have the following report:

More than 1 million people from all over the world gathered in Times Square for the celebration, sources said. They greeted the new year with cheers, kisses and hope...Police reported only one arrest -- on a charge of disorderly conduct, a violation -- connected to the celebration, which went on amid tight security.

The next time you see some snooty Frog with his nose high in the air, professing the superiority of his culture, ask him where he'd rather spend New Year's Eve....

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