Sunday, January 07, 2007

Battlefield Update

I keep comforting myself by trying to remember we were getting our butt kicked in the early going of WWII, but today's war has already been going on for quite some time, and I don't see us gaining any ground at all...

Augean Stables tells what life is like under Muslim rule in England - some poor bloke was taking a bit too long to fill up his transit card; and his masters let him know it:

Apparently, I had taken longer than the ten seconds that they were prepared to wait and so three burly males forced me aside and, when I objected, pushed me to the floor and - quite literally - and took over the machine which I was attempting to use.
The eldest male in the group, dressed in the usual and ridiculous garb of mohammedans everywhere, looked directly at me amd said, in quite clear English, (and I quote verbatim) “Get out of our way infidel slave”.

Apparently, the British authorities consider this behavior to be acceptable:

I complained, some three hours later to the British Transport to whom I spoke was even prepared to initiate any paperwork whatsoever nor were they remotely prepared to find and look at the video recordings. Indeed, one Officer even said to me that I ’should swallow my pride’ and live with it because - and, once again, I quote verbatim ‘you are just being racist and you have to remember that it’s cultural with them’.

...the Officer of the BTP who was listening to me actually cautioned me and warned me that if I persisted with making a nuisance of myself I would be charged under the The Race Relations Act 1976 and the RRAA (Race Relations (Amendment) Act) 2000.

The Brits held up against the ferocious Nazi onslaught for years, but have possibly even beaten the French to the white flag this time...thus the power of ideas (multiculturalism, Western guilt) having greater ability to affect a society's will to live, even more so than a physical assault upon its person. Remember the endgame, every time the left puts the blame for the world's ills at our feet...

And exactly what type of scoiety are we surrendering to? Well, Western Resistance gives us a clue:

With the aim of strengthening business ties, two Riyadh business partners in their 70s have married their teenage daughters (17-19) to each other, reported Sayidaty magazine, a sister publication of Arab News.

"A man has the right to marry. When it comes to marriage, there is no stopping point," said Al-Dossary, a man in his 70s with silver hair, a gray beard and gray eyebrows. "We have followed Islamic principles in the way we conducted our marriages and we are both happy with our wives," he added.
Al-Dossary married his teenage daughter to his business partner and in turn married his partner's teenage daughter.

Well, I am sure they are thrilled with their teenage brides; anyone think about asking the girls how they feel? Where's
NOW? Too busy salivating over Speaker Pelosi and endorsing the surrender plans of the 110th Congress to "men" such as seen above...similar atrocities are being committed here, but in the name of multiculturalism, you musn't whisper a word....

If anyone is still interested in fighting - and winning - a war, CDR Salamander has a tight and cohesive battle plan to get it done in 2007. But it fails to address building daycare centers for the children of the jihadis, so I doubt it will pass Speaker Pelosi's muster...

And speaking of actually fighting, many are
abuzz over a report that Israel is planning a nuclear attack on Iran aimed at destroying their weapon-making capability:

Sunday (London) Times for January 7, 2007 reports: “Two Israeli air force squadrons are training to blow up an Iranian facility [Natanz] using low-yield nuclear “bunker-busters”, according to several Israeli military sources.

Others believe (same link as above) it is a British-MSM plot to embarrass Israel: must consider the source of this story. The Sunday Times journalist in question Uzi Mahnaimi, is a controversial figure, who co-authored
a book with Bassam Abu Sharif, former senior adviser to Yasser Arafat and PLO press officer.
While some may believe he has actual military sources in Israel who use him to leak stories that won’t make it past censors, others think he is used by foreign agents to push stories that embarrass Israel
One thing is clear: Mahnaimi makes a regular habit of reporting that Israel is about to attack Iran. If his reporting was accurate, Iranian nuclear facilities would already be a smoking ruin – not once, but multiple times.

Personally, I hope Israel has a solid plan to fight Iran (and a better one than was employed against Hezbollah this past summer), 'cause I think they are going to need it. I'd bet even the United States has a battle plan in place to fight Canada, should the need arise - still doesn't mean it will ever happen, but always best to be prepared...

ALTHOUGH -I have this theory - one tanker, filled with a thousand jihadis instead of oil, hits Newfoundland - they pour out, take over a few key port towns, allow other ships to come in with reinforcements, avert snowballs thrown by Canadian military, march down to Vermont - which welcomes them as "guests" - and American remains frozen as a Democrat-controlled government refuses to consider a cross-border strike. After all, think of the children !

Think I'm kidding? Today, the front in the war moves to Miami:

MIAMI - Three men were caught trying to slip past a checkpoint in a cargo truck Sunday at the Port of Miami, said authorities, who increased security at the busy trade hub.

Sleep tight.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks, now I'll sleep just frickin' fine!

Anonymous said...

The bloke name of Dominic you quote above in your first paragraph done wroted:

"Knowing that CCTV cameras would have captured this incident [sic] I complained, some three hours later (after having completed my journey and return), to the British Transport Police on the Broadway."

Er, maybe " I took the train to Liverpool and fell into a deep sleep and when I awoke my hair and beard had grown quite long and white! By the time I walked back to London and the police station, I discovered to my chagrin that it was no longer a British Transport Police station, but, over the years, had become a beautiful but wicked mosque! I gagged as I saw how huge banners had been hung from every lamppost along the Broadway bearing a quite dazzling portrait of a turbanned Hillary Obama as the Queen Ayatollah!

The catastrophe--and how I love that word!--of it was, the Sneering, Swarthy Beheaders in the mosque told me that CCTV cameras had been abandoned fifty years before to be replaced by burly men with swords of, you guessed it, the Moslem persuasion! Needless to say, I could prove nothing of the assault I had suffered by the ridiculously garbed moslem couple--no, no wait, it was three burly men...."

Excuse me while I stutter incredulously like an obese, drug-addicted Rush Limbaugh, but, well, you get the gist.
I hope.

Astonishing and catastrophic--and how we love the word!--that no one would take Dominic's story seriously! Catastrophic! Bloody catastrophic I say!

The JerseyNut said...

Oh, Bonesmoker Barbie! A man gets beaten and racially assaulted, and you laugh it off, because...why? It doesn't fit your worldview? Denying reality will not stop it from creeping up on you - you can read more in the post above, to see how far gone the Brits are (and why these thugs felt free to assault and demean others).
Alas, I waste my breath - the closed mind, and especially the hateful one, is notoriously difficult to reach....