Saturday, January 27, 2007

Blasting the BBC

It's been a while since I've taken a potshot at the BBC, but long overdue. Terrifying that this anti-American, pro-jihad, British taxpayer-financed service is the #1 provider of English-speaking news worldwide.

This little ditty is picked up from Al-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia's official news service. Entitled "How America's Conflict with Iran Will Begin..." , skip the pointless jibberish and click below the photo of the USS Stennis carrier group on the upper right, where a link to a BBC video exists (or try this direct link here).
The video starts out with an anti-aircraft missle of some type being fired off into the sky, while a barely restrained British voice intones,

"Iran is no longer Russia announced that it had supplied Iran with a complete air-defense system..."

Excuse me, old chap, but can you control your freakin' rooting for the motherfriggin' antichrist? Not that an antiquated USSR "air defense" system is shaking any boots in the Pentagon, mind the video, our jolly good ally gleefully implies that the United States will soon be wrapped up in another Cold War, perhaps one it connot win? Er, jackrod, remember how the first one turned out? We're listening to iPods, they're rummaging for food....

And from the always-reliable Biased BBC website, we get more video mockery, this time slamming a new American-developed "heat ra"y that will disperse rioters and disrupt enemy military operations without killing people. Laughable, according to the know -it-alls at the Beeb - from the transcript, with commentary from Biased's Andrew:

Meet the latest addition to the Pentagon's list of weapons and euphemisms (Great suggestive use of 'euphemisms' there), the Active Denial System. It looks like a satellite dish, it works like a microwave oven, and what it actively denies you is the desire to stay in front of it. Watch them...

Cut to two soldiers reacting to the machine's heat ray, followed by an old sci-fi still (really old) spinning annoyingly (very annoyingly) on to screen, complete with a silly sound effect (very silly).

It feels like a blast from an oven, it sounds like a blast from the past (kerching, never spotted that follow up coming!). Not science fiction (even though I'm trying to suggest otherwise), but science fact according to the military (does that sound sceptical enough about the military?). ...

Go to Biased BBC to see the whole thing.
Nice reporting on what is somewhat a liberal achievment, a more "humane" way to fight war (or control civil strife, which is something the Brits better get ready for).

But if you can't build it - then tear it down.

Hey - no wonder the BBC has such empathy for the Islamists....

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