Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Israel v. Hezbollah: Round II

Note to cut-and-run Democrats; this is what happens when you don't finish the job the first time...overheard at The Corner, from a resident of Moshav Avivim in northern Israel:

It appears as though the Hezbollah is preparing for Round 2. Up our way, the entire border is now dotted with Hezbollah flags and moving figures. There is not a single Lebanese army flag in sight. In my opinion, this is NOT okay. A flag is not only a symbol that represents concepts and ideals, but also used to stake claims. Does this mean that the Hezbollah have reclaimed Southern Lebanon? While driving home form work one evening, will I encounter terrorists who have infiltrated through tunnels they have dug under the border-underneath the noses of the UN base that lies opposite my house?

For years these UN troops have been observers. They observed the way the Hezbollah prepared for the last war and armed themselves to the teeth, so why should anything be different now? And BTW, where IS the Lebanese army that was supposed to keep the border clean...

Speaking of being armed to the teeth, DEBKA reports that:

Hizballah’s missile threat to Israel has reverted to its pre-Lebanon War level...In his report to the Knesset foreign affairs and security committee Tuesday, Jan. 16, Shomron criticized as a serious blunder the decision by prime minister Ehud Olmert and foreign minister Tzipi Livni to relegate to UNIFIL and the Lebanese army the task of preventing Hizballah’s rearmament.
The ex-general also found that the chief of staff Dan Halutz and the general command had no clear objective in their conduct of the war.

And while we don't know where the Lebanese army is, we have an idea of what the Syrian army is up to:

The Syrian army has begun striking out in new directions for the first time since Bashar Asad succeeded his father as president seven years ago...Two new mechanized divisions are under construction. When they are completed in the coming spring, the Syrian armed forces will consist of 12 divisions – five deployed opposite Israel on the Golan, of which 3 are in forward positions facing Israeli troops and tanks and 2 further back on call as reinforcements should war erupt.

Makes me wonder about rumors of Syrian-Israeli "peace talks" - is Assad trying to lull Israel to sleep, so as to make them more vunerable to a Yom Kippur '73 - type attack? Likely bankrolled by Iran, Baby Assad grows more bold, while a gullible Ohlmert looks more and more like a sucker in the shuk....

And speaking of gullible, cowardly suckers, let's take a final look at the people the Democrats and related peaceniks want us to run away from:

Bombers killed 70 people, many of them young women students, at a Baghdad university on Tuesday..

Killers of unarmed women and children. If we run from them, boy, we have earned what will come our way next. Just ask the Israelis, who appear to be ready to duck and cover, again...

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