Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gazing in Fjordman's Mirror

From the legendary blogger Fjordman at The Gates of much of the liberal posturing we see today is stictly vanity; a beauty contest in a unlit room?

....not all those who undermine Western civilization through support for Multiculturalism and mass immigration do so out of a hidden political agenda. Some do it out of plain stupidity and vanity. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s most open-minded of them all?” It’s a beauty contest for bored, Western intellectuals who use immigrants as a mirror to reflect their own inflated egos, a sport where they can nurse their vanity in the mistaken belief that denigrating your own cultural heritage is a sign of goodness and lack of prejudice.

I suspect that part of the craziness on display now stems from feelings of guilt because of affluence. I hear so many of these open border activists talk about “solidarity,” but in reality it’s all about me, me, me. They don’t show much solidarity with their own children and grandchildren who are going to inherit the Balkanized nightmare they leave behind. It’s all about making them feel good about themselves right now, without regard for future consequences of their actions. So their “solidarity” is really an extreme form of egotism and holier-than-thou self-exaltation. Besides, many of them have lived sheltered lives for so long that they honestly don’t understand that something bad can ever happen to them. They’ve never had to fight for their freedom or their prosperity, which had been ensured by others.

These two paragraphs have clarified a lot for me. Why are liberal causes trumpeted loudest by the celebrity class? Not because they believe in them, or have any intention of making the sacrifices they demand of others - but because it allows a moral veneer to cover their grossly materialistic, over-the-top lifestyles. They who scream of understanding and sympathy for the downtrodden are the first to fire a minimum-wage production assistant for delivering a cold grilled cheese sandwich. They'll lecture me about driving a SUV, while flying in private jets that consume a year's worth of my fuel in one round-trip. But they escape the hypocrisy of their actions by claiming virtue via their deluded reflection in Fjordman's mirror, and with the kudos received in their left-wing echo chamber for their public loathing of their own homeland.

[For a Class A example of this type of self-absorbed celebrity stupidity, see this video of a clueless Rosie O'Donnell shrieking about the need for the impeachment of George Bush. No logical discourse here, just celebrity vanity masking itself as rightous indignation. It must make her feel so much better about herself while she's rolling around in the back of her limousine with her lesbian lover, on the way to a $300- lunch....]

We'll see this phenomenon crystalize even further with the possible presidential run of Barak Obama - will Americans be told they must vote for Obama, in order to prove their bona-fides as "open-minded Americans" ? Conversely, will any whom oppose him, or declare their desire to vote against him, be labeled as no more than simple-minded redneck racists?

Anyway - the next time these Hollywood hacks stand up and begin to lecture you on everything they've decided this country (and you personally) are doing wrong, take a moment to think about where their loathing is really directed at, and what they are really trying to accomplish with it.

Do not let the vanity-starved left victimize - or criminalize - you, so that they can feel better about themselves....


Anonymous said...

I lack the ability to adequately convey my contempt for Rosie, the ignorant, obnoxious sow.

The JerseyNut said...

Without a doubt, she is the most repulsive woman in show business today. Her sheer physical ugliness is matched by her scrofulous heart.

scrofulous =
1. afflicted with scrofula
2. morally contaminated
3. having a diseased appearance