Monday, November 14, 2011

Whose House? Michael Moore's House!

You need a lot of space to park an ass that fat...or, then again, the 1% do live differently than we po' folk do...

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present...Michael Moore's lakeside mansion, valued  - even in these trying times  - in excess of $2 million dollars:

...'Cause I'm the best, I'm def, ask the rest, they left
That's my name my game and we don't need the rep
To get the booze you lose, you suckers close your mouth
I set a trap for rap that's crap
It's Run's house!
Whose house? Say what Run's house!
Whose house? Say what Run's house!
Some underestimate and miscalculate
My intent to create what I call the great...


Dylanarman said...

You charge a lot of amplitude to esplanade an ass that fat...or, afresh again, the 1% do reside abnormally than we po' folk do.

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Thomaschrishan said...

It also greatly influences local economics in the same manner that international economics influence local business and economics.

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