Monday, November 07, 2011

New York Times, with a Romney "Gotcha!": He Was "Aloof" On A Plane!

I guess having seen to the disposal of Herman Cain, the media is now ready to focus their gun sights on the man who they assumed all along would be the Republican nominee: Mitt Romney.

Although this is pretty thin gruel...the Times reports breathlessly that Mitt Romney, while flying coach to Boston, was not much in a talking mood on the flight!  Not rude, mind you - even the eyewitnesses wouldn't cop to that - but "aloof".  Unlike Professor Obama, of course...

Anyway - the Times' big scoop:

According to Ms. McClanahan, about an hour into the flight — which Mr. Romney mostly spent reading USA Today and using an iPad while wearing headphones — she told him her idea for improving the American health care system: slashing overhead costs by switching to an electronic billing system.

“He looked at me blankly and said, ‘I understand,’ then put his iPad headphones in and kept reading,” she said.

While Ms. McClanahan said Mr. Romney was probably exhausted, she was disappointed he showed so little interest. Even another passenger’s request for a restaurant recommendation in Boston elicited little from Mr. Romney, she said. “I can’t give you any,” he said, according to Ms. McClanahan. “You’ll have to ask someone else.”

The Romney campaign could not immediately be reached for comment.

Read what he is being "accused" of doing - acting like a normal guy, exhausted after a hard day's work, wanting a few moments to relax before his next gig - and then read that last sentence again. Seriously? You called for comment on this?

Now a crime, as per the New York Times...

The Times gleefully informs us that this encounter has hardened Ms. McClanahan's position:

“I feel he’s out of touch or doesn’t want to be in touch or that he’s afraid to be in touch,” she said. “He’s just like people describe him: just very wooden.”

Ms. McClanahan said of her political affiliation, “I am squarely in the middle and have voted both sides.” She added, “The only choice we have been given to vote for in the upcoming election so far is to stick with President Obama.”

A Boston Irishwomen, vowing to stick with the Democrat in the White House? That's the best you can do? Really?

I suppose that is one thing you can say in Mitt's favor - it doesn't look like he has any scandals in his background, and even prefabricated hit pieces (like the "rumors"s about John McCain and a female lobbyist, which had not even a grain of truth, but ran on the NYT front page for days) might fall flat.

The media will keep digging, though. They know they can't win the next election on the merits...

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