Tuesday, November 08, 2011

If You Live In Old Bridge, New Jersey....

...better get yourself out to vote today.  You can vote Republican, and try to restore some fiscal sanity to a good town that is being destroyed by the Democrats, or you can stay home, do nothing, and leave your town in the hands of thugs and crooks who vandalize property, assault women, and break the windows of their political opponents (while the OBPD turns a blind eye).

This was the damage from yesterday's attack, the third in five days - more photos here:

Cars left outside saw their windows shattered

Storefront windows shattered as well

The New Jersey media remains mum, taking their cue from mainstream coverage of the "Occupy Wall Street" riots - they simply refuse to report on the violence of groups with whom they share a political ideology.

And the Old Bridge Police Department? After two attacks last weekend, one would have thought they would have parked a car overnight outside of Republican headquarters in order to protect the property or pop the perps.  But the OBPD has already gotten their bribe from the Democrats, in the form of escalated pensions that will enrich them while impoverishing the townsfolk.  Why would they lift a finger to protect those who vow to bring fiscal sanity, when it might cost them an extra nickle down the road?

Assuming, of course, that it is not an inside job.  All of which I ponder here.

Again: Get out and vote the Democrats out today.  For the windows broken next time might be yours, and the thug lurking in the bushes might be waiting for you....

Melodramatic?  Hey, this is Jersey...

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