Sunday, November 27, 2011

Environmentally-Correct Sex Toys?

...or just a continuation of the Left's war on women?

Women get a buzz from eco-vibrator

 Green fans are getting a buzz out of a new hand-cranked vibrator that makers say could help save the planet.

The eco-sex toy - dubbed the “Earth Angel” - uses a small wind-up handle to power up rechargeable batteries inside the casing.

Sure, make women do all the work, while at the same time, encouraging them to "jill off" for the sake of the planet. With as many guys watching as possible, of course...

But it gets stupider:

It had originally been planned as a sex aid for the Third World where batteries and electricity supplies are unreliable.

Leave it to the conceit of a liberal to think that what the poor really need are hand-cranked masturbation tools. Can you imagine the blank look on the starving mother's face when she is told, by an earnest, upper-middle class, purebred blonde, "no, we don't have any food for you, but we have something that's even better! Have you ever worried about the fate of the planet when you 'buff the beaver'? We can help you with that..."


... Irish manufacturers Camden Enterprises have been swamped with interest from Green followers after displaying the vibrator at the Ars Electronica fair in Linz, Upper Austria, this week.

"It has been in its development stage for the past two years and we are excited that our vision has become reality," said a spokesman.

Would love to meet that design & development team....

And can someone explain to me, incidentally, why battery-operated cars are good, but battery-operated vibrators are bad?  Or is that only the type of question only a dumb 'ol Republican would ask?

Anyway...if you guys need a liberal celebrity endorser for your eco-friendly "couch hockey" stick, here's a suggestion...

UPDATE:  RS McCain links,  warns this product is not yet available on Amazon...!

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CGHill said...

On the other hand, so to speak, who wants a gasoline-powered vibrator?