Monday, November 21, 2011

Finally - Some Bang For Your NPR Buck! Weak Rookie Reporter Heaves Chunks...

We're forced to pay for it, even though we hate it, and it hates us.  No, I'm not talking about Obamacare, I'm speaking of NPR.  But if you want to finally get some return on your investment - and granted, it's a paltry one - you can watch this video of NPR reporter Marshall Terry puking in a garbage can.

You see, Marshall trucked out to the badlands of North Carolina to eat what one hillbilly claimed to be the world's hottest pepper.  Marshall gamely takes a bite, and does a high-schooler-on-mescaline freakout, complete with floor-rolling, incoherent babbling, and the requisite giggling over his his hands.

And if it all seems vaguely familiar,'s because it is right out of a Simpsons episode.  Except Homer handles his hot pepper (a merciless pepper of Queziltacatanango, grown deep in the jungle primeval, by the inmates of a Guatemalan insane asylum - or so Chief Wiggum's legend tells) better than young Marshall does.

Compare and contrast yourself:

Guess young Mr. Terry would have done better to go to a party college, instead of Stuck-Up-White-Bread U.  Love the part where Marshall, while lolling about on the floor, gets startled by the occupant's Dachshund, then begins to giggle and ask silly dog questions.  Jeez, what a pathetic, sorry display of stoner idiocy...

A description which, of course, fits any portion of NPR's programming lineup...

Credit where credit's due: Hat tip to Dead Homers Society for the story, videos courtesy of Grouchy Muffin..

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