Thursday, November 03, 2011

Old Bridge, New Jersey: Republican Party Headquarters Vandalized

How do you know that Democrats are about to lose an election?  When they start throwing tantrums and breaking the other team's stuff.  One would wish they would just take their ball and walk away,  There is too much hatred in the liberal heart, wrapped in a sense of unearned entitlement.

Even in my little town in Jersey:

Old Bridge Republicans arrived at their headquarters on Wednesday morning to find that the office had been the target of vandalism.

Political signs that lined the grass outside of the Route 516 office were ripped from the grass and strewn about the property. Sand from an outside smoker’s can was dumped all over the sidewalk, including at the entrance to the building. An outside folding chair was tossed into the grass next door and a second chair was hung on the outside door handle. Red, white and blue streamer flags that hung from the overhang are gone.

Entry to the building was not gained, officials said.

Police were called to the scene and the incident is under investigation, police said.

We’re very upset,” Old Bridge Republican chair Dr. Anita Greenberg said. “This is not an isolated incident. In this campaign, they have taken down and damaged signs everywhere, including on private property. It happens on a regular basis. It happens every campaign.

The Democratic chair also complained about vandalism, but his story is a bit more telling:

Flynn said the 50 Democratic signs that were removed in the past 10 days had been recently installed and contained a message about a tax freeze.

When they were just names, they were not touched.” he said.

So who would be so violently opposed to a "tax freeze"(as if the Democrats were really serious about that!)in Old Bridge? Here's a clue:

In May, the township council voted 5-4 along party lines to let municipal employees to retire with full medical benefits after 25 years of service, even if some of those years were for another government agency. The retiring workers must have at least 15 years service with Old Bridge.

Previously, only people who had worked 25 years for the township received full benefits.

Four Republican council members, however, say the measure will drastically inflate the township’s costs for retirees’ health coverage.

"The idea of making more public employees eligible for lifetime health benefits with the budget problems we’re facing is outrageous," said GOP Councilman Brian Cahill.

Republican council members got support from Thomas Neff, director of the state Division of Local Government Services. In a June 1 letter, he said the change could create future budget problems and asked that it be repealed.

So there it is. The Democrats padded the pocketbooks of the Township employees - in exchange for campaign donations, no doubt (hey - this is Jersey), which therefore makes them the folks with the most to lose if the Republicans get elected to the council on Tuesday. And even should the Democrats win, the municipal employees can't have folks actually hold their feet to the fire about a promised tax freeze - who else with subsidize the eternal benefits of the Township's employees?  Vote the liberal candidates, but eliminate the promised freeze...

If I were the Old Bridge Township police, I would begin my questioning with some of the more politically aware and active municipal employees of the Township. Of course, being that the OBPD is based in the same building as the aforementioned Council, and it is filled with the aforementioned municipal employees, how much effort do you think the Old Bridge Police will put into finding the culprit? Especially since a Republican victory may actual curtail their immortal benefits that they too can receive after 15 years of small-town police work?

If the Old Bridge Police Department does "investigate" this crime, as they claim, it might not hurt to take a look inside their own offices.  I'll close with some thoughts from the town's Republican chair:

“These people are very cavalier, and obviously they’ve done it so many times they think they are invincible and they can get away with it, and obviously they have gotten away with it."

A cop? Can't prove that. But someone who feels so close to the authorities that they think they can get away with brazen political terrorism? If the OBPD bothers to look around the halls of their own building, I'll bet they'll get their culprit...

Sigh...nothing ever changes in Dirty Jersey....

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