Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Sexual Harassment...

In the wake of the media-generated Herman Cain "scandal", some folks might wonder what this apparent capital crime, this affront against humanity, is really all about.   John Derbyshire explains it succinctly:

Is there anyone who thinks sexual harassment is a real thing? Is there anyone who doesn’t know it’s all a lawyers’ ramp, like “racial discrimination“? You pay a girl a compliment nowadays, she runs off and gets lawyered up. Is this any way to live?

There has never in the history of the world been a people better mannered and less inclined to insulting acts of prejudice than today’s Americans, yet we’re supposed to believe that the nation is seething with “harassment” and “discrimination,” women being groped in every business office and crosses burning on every lawn. For Heaven’s sake. Aren’t there any grown-ups around?

It's a lawyer's game, all right, but it was invented by the Left.  it's bullshit, plain and simple, existing just to turn the wheels of the Democrat's perpetual grievance machine, and provide lubricant - in the form of campaign contributions from concerned would-be victims - for their efforts to stay in power.

Although technically, isn't Derbyshire now guilty of sexual harassment just by writing this column?  Isn't denial of the existence of sexual harassment now harassment in and of itself?  And perhaps while the expression "pay a girl a compliment" might seem innocent, I think I smell a hint of prostitution in there.  Burn him! BURN HIM!

Next up - a special report from the mainstream media, who found a photo of Herman Cain actually in the act of sexually harassing a co-worker!

"What?  You mean that's not Herman Cain?  Gee...they all kinda look alike...."

Ah, for the good old days when sexual harassment was a positive know, when folks like Bill Clinton did it!  Remember this photo from his early days in the White House?

No?  Well, the rules are different for white liberals...

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